At Last! A Playbook On Cross-Functional Influence!

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Why a Playbook?

Influence. It doesn’t happen on a schedule, and it can’t be calculated on a spreadsheet. It’s also becoming increasingly uncoupled from formal authority as represented on organizational charts. But in modern cross-functional organizations, influence is how decisions get made, how changes are implemented, how things get done.

My latest book, The Cross-Functional Influence Playbook, breaks down the “art” of influence into a new model with practical strategies to build influence both over time and in the moment. The use of the word “playbook” is very intentional, as The Cross-Functional Influence Playbook is meant to be a resource that you turn to again and again. This book is best read actively rather than from the comfort of an armchair.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be summarizing each concept in the six-part influence model. The ingredients of influence are divided into proactive steps that build your credibility over time (Partnerships, Flexibility and Knowledge) and in-the-moment approaches to tackle specific influence opportunities as they arise (Prepare, Dialogue and Follow-up). In addition to strategies and case studies, the playbook takes each topic to the next level with worksheets, assessment tools, a planner you can complete as you prepare to influence, and a journal to track your progress

Every opportunity for influence is unique. Just like a coach might rely more heavily on some plays than others depending on his opponent, you might not need all six influence ingredients for any given situation. But by keeping all these concepts in mind, you will learn what works best for your organization and see your influence grow over time.