Master the Matrix Global Tour Stop #5: Zurich


It might have been the scarf.

It’s 5:00 am and I am packing up after a day of workshops in Zurich.  Great questions, many of the same challenges with the matrix that I have heard across the globe.  Yesterday’s theme seemed to be role clarity–specifically between satellite groups and “corporate.”   We talked about it being a three-pronged solution:  (1) get used to the ambiguity and lower your expectations on how much clarity there will ever be; (2) get clarity where you can (specially outline it in written form); (3) get good at have role clarity discussions (including assuming best intent; understanding the ‘why’ behind the issue and focusing on problem solving not defending turf).

We seemed to be on the same page, these Europeans and I–the problems and approaches to the solutions seemed to make sense, to “fit.”  I reflected on this as I decided to throw on a scarf as I walked out the hotel room door.  Shooting for that effortless style that only European women can pull off.  Today the scarf fell just right for me–effortless.

My first Master the Matrix trip took me to Europe as well.  I noticed several times–most distinctly walking into an airport lounge in Frankfurt–that to all those around me, I was quite obviously American.  In a long line waiting to check in at the lounge, everyone before me got a “Guten Morgen” from the attendant.  He took one look at me and said, “Good Morning.”  Was it that obvious?  Do I just scream “American”?  Or worse yet, “American Tourist”?

My scarf and I make our way to the airport.  The taxi driver, security checkpoint and flight attendant all gave me a “Guten Morgen”.  When I replied in kind, some launched into a conversation in German (until they saw the look on my face!).  Could it be that on the last leg of this world tour I had gained global confidence?  Could it be that not only have my matrix ideas proven themselves as globally relevant but I myself am oozing with this new found global perspective?

Nah.  I think it was the scarf.