Matrix Related Articles


Courage:  The switch leaders can pull to ignite brilliance — and accelerate progress in matrix and alliance teams: Making Matrix Structures Work: Creating Clarity on Unit Roles and Responsibility by Michael Goold (Ashridge Strategic Management Centre) and Andrew Campbell (Ashridge Strategic Management Centre). (European Management Journal, Vol. 21, No. 3, June 2003)

Leadership Behaviors in Matrix Environments. Project Management Journal, 38(2), 62-74. Wellman, Jerry. (2007).

Challenges and Strategies of Matrix Organizations: Top-Level and Mid-Level Managers’ Perspectives. Thomas Sy, & Laura Sue D’Annunzio. (2005).

Emotional intelligence: A key ability to succeed in the matrix organization. The Journal of Management Development, 23(5/6), 437-455. Steven C Dunn. (2001).

Motivation by project and functional managers in matrix organizations. Engineering Management Journal, 13(2), 3-9. Jones, Robert E, Jones, K Michelle, & Deckro, Richard F. (1994).

The use of “expert” power as an emerging influence style within successful U.S. matrix organizations. Project Management Journal, 24(1), 31.

Performance evaluation in a matrix organization: a case study Steven H Appelbaum, David Nadeau, & Michael Cyr. (2008).

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