Role Clarity: A Case Study

Role clarity can be a bit like alphabet soup–RACI, RACSI, DACI, the acronymns go on.  In this case study, a matrix manager that was part of the research for the book walks us through the process and shares the tools from a role clarity effort that was part of a larger organizational realignment.

Here’s an excerpt:

FOGACOOP – Putting role clarity at the forefront of organizational restructuring paves the way to success

The DACI matrix is a very useful framework to begin drilling down the process map, but it requires more detail, particularly to clarify who is to be consulted (C) and informed (I), in order to make sure that it is really implemented. The value of this case is that it explains how to detail these components, with valuable and tangible tools for practitioners that can be applied to a broad spectrum of reorganization initiatives.

Fogacoop is a government-owned entity subordinate to the Ministry of Finance of the government of Colombia. Based in Bogotá, the organization is responsible for insuring cooperative companies–businesses that are owned and operated by their affiliates–and managing their support or liquidation if they run into financial problems. Fogacoop supervises over 200 organizations nationwide with a staff of approximately 50 employees. Every 2-4 years, the organization revisits their strategic planning to adjust to changes in government policies and ensure that all processes remain aligned as business priorities evolve.

In 2011, Fogacoop began a major management process redesign to revise their strategy, processes, organizational structure, IT strategy and HR competency model. They needed a framework that would meet government mandates while streamlining performance matrices and information systems. It was also critical to overcome internal resistance to change, because without a top-down reorganization of roles with broad-based support from employees, the IT and HR initiatives would not thrive. By approaching this challenge with role clarity front-and-center in their strategy, Fogacoop was able to exceed their goals for the redesign. Their experience highlights how role clarity can serve as a linchpin for successful management restructuring and provide a strong foundation for implementing strategic initiatives.

Here’s the full case study:

MM7E Role Clarity Case Study